Innovative. Fast. Durable

Arxell Drying Systems have created an innovative drying technology that provides focussed drying. It can increase the speed of existing drying methods by up to 70%

The Arxell system is easy to assemble and facilitates delivery of dry air directly to a surface rather than drying the entire volume of a room. This reduces energy consumption and speeds up the drying process. This system offers a number of advantages in various industries where efficient drying solutions are required.

With Arxell Drying Systems there is no need to seal off a drying area for long periods as is necessary with other methods. This means that restoration or construction works in an area can be completed concurrently rather than being forced to wait until the drying process is complete.

The temperature, humidity and flow of air can be controlled making it ideal for drying trade materials such as plaster, screed and concrete.

The Arxell Drying System is easily connected to dehumidifiers, fans and heaters using a connector hose. Rather than replacing equipment you can enhance its effectiveness and offer a faster, more focussed drying solution.

The units can be connected and disconnected as required and are built to last. They are made of polypropylene so they are easy to clean, can withstand heat and do not corrode. They are durable and designed to be weight bearing allowing for works to continue above or around the drying area without risk of damage to the units.

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