Save Time. Save Energy. Save Money

The Arxell Drying System boasts many great features which benefit users across a number of sectors. Businesses will save time, money and energy and receive a significant return on investment. This new technology works with existing drying technology to improve drying methods in construction drying, structural drying and restoration of water damaged property.

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    In-house tests show that Arxell Drying Systems save up to 75% of time and energy compared to using dehumidifying equipment alone.  Flood damaged properties could be dried out three times faster, saving companies money and getting people back into their homes quicker.

  • Eco-Friendly

    Focussed drying technology means that Arxell uses less energy than other drying systems. This is great news for the environment. In addition, each Arxell unit is made from polypropylene so can be made from recycled materials and be recycled. With such a global focus on looking after the environment it makes sense to choose eco-friendly products.

  • Targeted Solution

    The Arxell Drying System targets specific areas. Unlike with other systems you can deliver drying air directly to the wet area. A micro-climate is created which dries your wet surface faster than other systems. Because the drying is focussed on a precise location you use less energy.

    You can connect as many fans, heaters and dehumidifiers as required. This allows you to decide how much drying air is going into the system and the temperature of the air so you have more control over the drying speed

  • Durable

    Arxell units are built to be durable, require little or no servicing and come with a five year guarantee. They are made from hard wearing polypropylene so unlike other drying systems they won’t puncture or tear.

  • Modular

    Units can be stacked to fit on a standard sized 1000 x 1200mm pallet in 12 layers of 2×2 units. This makes them very easy to store and transport.

    They can be laid flat to dry floors, stood upright to dry walls or fitted together around items to dry individual pieces of furniture or rugs. They connect together easily to cover the approximate shape and size of the wet area.

  • Load-Bearing

    The Arxell units are load-bearing so contractors can work on or around the drying area. This removes the need to wait for the drying process to complete before restoration commences which speeds up the overall turnaround of a project. In addition, the top face of each unit provides grip in order to mitigate safety risk on site.

    Furniture and equipment can be stored on top of the units eliminating the need to pay for removal and storage during the drying process.

Every feature of the Arxell Drying System has been designed to make the system as efficient and effective as possible whilst ensuring durability and longevity of the product. This allows the system to be used for many years providing good return on investment. You will also see a significant reduction in drying times and energy usage which in turn reduces overall costs.

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