Cell Information

At Arxell we are firm believers that simplicity forms the best basis for product design. This is why we have kept the units simple in design and standardised in size, shape and weight, thus making them easy to use and install.

Arxell units are built to be durable, require little or no servicing and come with a five year guarantee. They are made in the UK from hard wearing roto-moulded polypropylene so unlike other drying systems they won’t puncture or tear.  This material  brings an additional benefit as it can be both made from recycled material and can also be recycled.

The standard units are 600 X 500mm and can be stacked in 2×2 12 units high on a standard pallet, making transportation and storage cost effective.  The ridged top face of each unit also provides grip in order to mitigate safety risk on site.

We have a full UK and international patent pending status and are initially launching this across the UK with the ultimate objective of becoming the World’s leading focus drying system and regarded as the industry standard solution globally.

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