Simplicity is Key – how a plastic box with holes could save the insurance sector millions

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One of the most surprising things about the Arxell Drying System is the simplicity of its design. Arxell takes basic drying principles and enhances the effectiveness and efficiency. Arxell simply takes drying air and focusses it directly on to the wet surface in order to speed up the drying process.

How does Arxell work?

This innovative design is actually very straight forward. Each plastic unit has four connector ports. Two ports are male and two are female which allows the units to be easily fitted together. The remaining holes are connected to drying equipment such as fans, heaters and dehumidifiers, and any ports that are not used can be easily covered with the caps provided.

When the equipment is switched on the drying air is fed into the units. It is then pushed out in jets via little holes in the base of each unit, directly onto the wet surface. The units also have built in vents so that the moist air can be carried away. This helps prevent condensation.

The units form a micro-climate over the drying area which speeds up the drying process and allows more accurate control over the drying conditions.

arxell unit close up

How does this improve existing drying processes?

The biggest problem with using dehumidifiers, fans or heaters to dry an area is that the air cannot be directed. This means that quite often you have to dry the entire volume of a room in order to dry a wall, floor or ceiling.

With Arxell the drying air is focussed directly on the area that needs to be dried. The units distribute the air evenly across the wet surface providing more consistency in the speed of drying.

Tests have shown that using Arxell can reduce drying times by up to 75%. Faster drying is hugely beneficial to the flood restoration and construction industries.

Why is this revolutionary?

It sounds almost too good to be true, but this simple plastic box could save insurance companies millions of pounds. When homes and businesses flood the reinstatement process can be extremely long and drawn out. This is because the drying of properties takes so long and is very unpredictable.

Often renovations and redecoration cannot take place until the structure has been completely dried out. It can be months before homeowners and businesses are allowed back in their properties. All the while, insurance companies have to cover the costs of relocating the displaced residents.

Arxell can dry an area up to three times faster than just using dehumidifiers alone. The impact this has on cost is huge. Not only does the drying equipment need to be hired for less time, the amount of energy used is reduced which is also good for the environment.

With Arxell, reinstatement can begin much sooner and properties restored much earlier. This significantly reduces the cost of relocating residence and businesses.

Other benefits

The main benefit of using Arxell is the fact that it speeds up the drying process which in turn reduces cost and saves insurers millions. However, there are many other benefits too.

The units themselves are made from polypropylene which is made from recycled material and can be recycled. Polypropylene is extremely durable and hard wearing. This means that there is very little risk of damage to the system and it needs very little servicing or maintenance. Arxell units can be used and reused time and time again.

The units are also strong enough to withstand being walked on and worked on. This means works can take place on top of, or around, the units without disrupting the drying process.

The units have been designed to be very easy to stack, store and transport. They are also very easy to fit together and connect to drying equipment. You can connect as many pieces of equipment as needed to dry the area.

Who can use Arxell?

Arxell is very easy to use. The simple design ensures that it can be easily assembled and it is compatible with most heaters, fans and dehumidifiers used with the drying industry.

This means that existing drying companies can easily incorporate the Arxell system into their business. The benefit to drying companies is that Arxell provides a very good return on investment. The units are hard wearing so they last for years. In fact, all units come with a five year guarantee.Arxell flexibility

Drying companies are able to take on more projects as drying is faster. They can also more accurately predict drying times of an area so can offer a flat fee drying scheme. Those companies that adopt Arxell early will set themselves ahead of the competition. We believe that once insurance companies fully understand the advantages of using the Arxell system they will demand that it is used in the drying of all flood damaged properties.

Arxell units can be built to cover the size and shape of an area ensuring the most efficient use of drying air. They can be laid flat to dry floors, upright to dry walls and even propped up to dry ceilings. They can also be built around individual items of furniture and equipment.

Arxell is not only beneficial for drying flood or water damaged properties; it can also be used in the construction industry too. The temperature and humidity of the drying air can be more easily controlled so you can create optimal drying conditions. The system can be used to dry materials such as concrete, plaster and screed.

As the units are so durable and hard wearing they can easily withstand the knocks and bumps that may occur on a busy construction site. The units are load bearing so equipment can be placed on top of them without any disruption to the drying process below. They can be safely walked on and the tops of the units even provide extra grip.

Arxell units have been specifically designed to stack easily and neatly on to a standard 1000x1200mm pallet, in blocks of 48 units. This makes them very easy to store and transport. They are easy to clean and simple to use. Arxell is a good investment for any company involved in drying, flood restoration or construction drying.

Want to know more?

Arxell truly is an innovative system that will transform the drying industry. With so many benefits and potential applications, it is no wonder that Arxell is getting noticed by big names in both the construction and flood restoration industries.

Who would have thought that a plastic box with holes in could cause so much excitement? Yet, with such huge cost saving implications, it is no surprise that it is causing such a stir.

Our in house tests have shown time and again that Arxell is significantly faster than using some existing drying equipment alone. We are more than happy to share the results of these tests and explain the test conditions that provided these results.

If you feel that you would benefit from a demonstration then this can be arranged. This will allow you to see first-hand how efficient Arxell is.

The Arxell System is available to hire or buy. If you are interested in finding out more about the extensive benefits and what makes Arxell such a good investment, then get in touch with our team today.