Arxell drying systems shortlisted for the Travis Perkins Innovation awards 2016

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We are very proud to announce that Arxell’s focused drying system has been recently shortlisted for a prestigious Travis Perkins innovation award. We were invited to deliver a video pitch at the innovation centre in Northampton, which will now be sent to a judging panel comprising 42 independent judges.

The pitch, which was filmed, went very smoothly and we were able to evidence how easy and quick it is to set the kit up in minutes.  We supported the pitch with the addition of a thermal camera to demonstrate how controlled delivery of dry, warm air can be focused directly onto a wet surface – making the whole drying process both faster and more energy efficient. This is achieved through creating a drying micro-climate underneath the patented units. For the presentation we hooked up a Corroventa A4ESX machine (which was excellent) which allowed us to clearly demonstrate rapid focused drying of a wet surface whilst we presented.

We are extremely excited to be shortlisted for this award and look forward to hearing the results that will be announced in September. Clearly we will be up against stiff competition from other innovative products and would like to wish the best of luck to all the other shortlisted innovations.