Initially the concept of Arxell Drying Systems was developed to improve drying of flood damaged properties. The idea was to create a system that sped up drying but also allowed other restoration works to take place during the drying process.

The Arxell Drying System is the most effective and efficient way of delivering drying heat directly to an area and has huge advantages over other drying technology used in water damage restoration.

It soon became apparent that the benefits provided by the Arxell delivery system were not limited to properties and structures that had been accidently exposed to flood or water damage.

The Arxell Drying System also enhances drying when water has been purposely introduced but needs removing. Many examples of this are present within the construction industry where wet trade materials such as plaster, concrete and screed need to be dried out before other work can commence.

With Arxell you can control the drying conditions. It is faster, more eco-friendly and harder wearing than other drying systems. This internationally patented technology provides focussed drying and is considered one of the most efficient drying systems available.

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