Drying out Plaster

Plaster drying times depend on the temperature and humidity of the area. Waiting for plaster to dry so that other works can take place can be frustrating but plaster drying too quickly can cause cracking and affect the finished result.

It can be beneficial to speed up drying by using heating or dehumidifying equipment, especially in cold or wet weather conditions.

With Arxell Drying Systems you can control the drying out of plaster by providing the optimal conditions. The Arxell units can be assembled upright when drying wet walls and with suitable propping can be used to dry ceilings too.

Heating or dehumidifying equipment can be connected to the units and the air will be evenly distributed over the surface. You can control the temperature of the air and the speed.

A micro-climate is formed over the wet surface applying the drying air across the whole surface which allows the area to dry evenly. Moist air escapes through the built in vents.

You do not have to seal a room off to dry the area and you won’t have to heat the whole room. This means you can continue works in other areas of the room and other materials in the room won’t be affected by the drying process.

Arxell Drying Systems provide controlled, focussed drying to create the ideal environment for drying out plaster.

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