The Arxell Drying System was developed in the UK by our Technical Director, Graeme Joynson. Seeing a significant lack of effective drying systems, Graeme decided to create a solution that addressed the inefficiencies.

Non-targeted drying systems didn’t use energy efficiently but targeted drying solutions were restrictive or lacked durability. Taking these factors into consideration, Graeme began to develop a product that eliminated many of the disadvantages of existing systems.

After two years of design, planning and PCT patent applications, he finally had a product that would dramatically improve existing drying methods. The Arxell Drying System is modular, easy to use, durable, load-bearing, eco-friendly and fast.

This specialist drying equipment was initially designed with the flood drying industry in mind. However, it soon became apparent that the many benefits provided would transfer easily to other industries.

The Arxell Drying System is relatively new with the physical product having only been manufactured in July 2015. Initial tests show that using Arxell could dry an area up to three times faster than using a dehumidifier alone.

We are confident that our system offers more benefits than any other focussed drying system available. We are proud of our product and believe it will soon become standard equipment for drying companies across the UK and eventually the world.

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