New tests show Arxell blows “Tenting” out of the water

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Arxell has once again conducted some controlled tests to compare performance of the Arxell system against other methods of drying.  Earlier this year we tested it specifically against standard drying practices (fans and dehumidifiers) with phenomenal results and we have most recently compared it against the “tenting” method of drying.

What is “Tenting”?

Tenting is a method that is often used  for drying specific areas, rather than drying the whole room with dehumidifiers which is common in structural drying. A “tenting” system  often uses a desiccant dehumidifier (or heater) to flood the tent with superdry air and very low vapour pressure, speeding up the drying process and only drying the affected areas.  We already know that Arxell has other benefits over tenting as it is easy to set up, modular in nature, and it’s weight bearing properties ensures that no rooms are deemed “out of bounds” once the drying process is underway.  However this specific test was set up to compare speeds of the two methods.

The Results



In this test, in identical conditions, we measured how long it would take each system to evaporate 12 litres of water from a shallow tray.  Once again the results showed the incredible efficiency of drying with the Arxell system.  Whilst the more traditional “tenting” method definitely has a speed advantage over simple dehumidifier and fan arrangements, it still took 57 hours  to completely rid the tray of water.  Arxell, meanwhile, achieved the same result in a staggering 17 hours.  In other words it took Arxell less than a day to dry as opposed to nearly 2.5 days with the tenting method.  This improved efficiency of 300% is in line with our previous tests and is enhanced even further when you consider that it isn’t just time you are saving, you are also being 300% more energy efficient as well.

We will continue to conduct some more controlled tests to compare how Arxell performs against other drying methods commonly available.  Although speed is only one of the benefits of Arxell, it is the one which will get people back in their homes quicker after flood damage and seriously reduce the claim cycle for insurance companies.  If you would like to stage your own tests to see first hand how efficient Arxell is, please get in contact with us.