Arxell Drying Systems is a UK based company with an innovative product. Our revolutionary drying system was developed and manufactured in Britain but we envision becoming the world leader in focussed drying systems. It is our ambition to be regarded as the industry standard solution, not just in the UK, but across the globe.

Arxell Drying Systems will revolutionise the drying industry by stripping out the inefficiencies from the drying process and providing faster, more efficient, cost effective solutions.

We keep it simple

Too many products are over engineered and unnecessarily complicated to use. Our products will always be designed to be as easy to use as possible.

Building relationships

In order to succeed in changing the drying industry we understand that building strong relationships is essential. We encourage feedback from everyone who engages with our systems so we can constantly improve our technology. Creating solid relationships with our suppliers and customers is paramount.

Efficiency is key

Inefficient systems were the motivation behind Arxell. Our modular design ensures energy is used in an efficient manner. Efficiency is key in every area of our business and will be the driving force behind everything we create.

Improving continuously

We endeavour to provide only the best solutions to the drying industry. Our passion for innovation and in house technical knowledge are the perfect combination for continuous research and development. We’ll strive to continue creating industry leading concepts that benefit our clients and their clients too.

A pleasure doing business

Our team is passionate, friendly and knowledgeable. We have the ability to design, manufacture, distribute and service our products ourselves. This gives us full control over the service we provide. Our clients are important to us and we want dealing with us to be a pleasant experience every time.

As our team grows we will instil our values in to each new employee.

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