Liquid Screed Drying

Liquid screed drying relies on good drying conditions. A warm, well ventilated room with low relative humidity is best. Unfortunately, these conditions are not always present and a little drying assistance may be required.

Arxell Drying Systems provide precision controlled drying. Warm, dry air is evenly distributed across a surface providing optimal drying conditions. The Arxell System forms a micro-climate focussing the drying air on the area to be dried rather than moving it around an entire room and wasting energy.

Using the Arxell Drying System will give you more control over the temperature and humidity of the air surrounding your liquid screed floor and will allow you to dictate the drying conditions. This is ideal for when you need to speed up the screed drying times in order for other works to be carried out.

Providing the ideal conditions for drying screed will help minimise delays which can be essential when carrying out a large construction, renovation or restoration project that has many components. Avoiding delays can reduce the risk of financial penalties or additional costs.

Because the Arxell units are load-bearing you can continue works above the wet area without disturbing the drying process. Over boarding can be used if necessary but the units themselves provide grip so can be safely walked on.

The Arxell Drying System is durable, requires minimal servicing and is guaranteed for five years. The Arxell system is reliable, effective and provides fast, efficient drying of liquid screed.

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