How inefficient drying practices can hit you where it hurts

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When drying out property moisture needs to be removed from the area and heating will speed up the process. This science has provided the basis for drying out water damaged property for many years and heaters and dehumidifiers are available in many shapes and sizes.Sunken Dollar concept for weak currency


Unfortunately using heaters and dehumidifiers alone isn’t always the most effective or efficient way to dry an area. In order to dry a wet floor it is sometimes necessary to heat an entire room. Many times, rooms have to be sealed whilst they are being dried which can be extremely inconvenient.

How does this increase cost?

If the drying air is not focussed directly on to the wet surface then it can be very difficult to predict the drying time of an area. This can lead to drying companies underestimating the time it will take and therefore pricing too low which can see them making a loss. The alternative could be that they are charging a day rate and as the drying time drags on and on the cost to the client increases and goes over and above what they were expecting. Either way someone is out of pocket.

The other cost is the amount of energy that is being used unnecessarily. Because the equipment is drying the entire volume of a room, rather than just the wet area, it is costing more to run than it should.

How can this problem be resolved?

In order to dry more efficiently, and therefore reduce cost, you need to focus the drying air directly on the wet surface. Arxell have designed a system that does exactly that.

The Arxell units fit together to cover any sized area. They can be used on floors, walls and even ceilings as well as being built around individual items.

Fans, heater and dehumidifiers can all be easily connected to the units using a standard connector hose. The air is then directed straight to the wet surface through small holes in the bottom of the units. Moist air escapes through the vents preventing condensation from forming.

This focussed drying is the most efficient way of drying a wet surface and has been proven to dry an area up to three times faster than using traditional methods alone.

The savings in energy and time reduce the cost to drying companies and their clients. This is good news for the drying industry and especially for home or business owners who are affected by flooding. By speeding up the drying process it ensures that restoration can take place much sooner and properties are reinstated much faster.

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The Arxell drying system is revolutionary and is set to save millions by speeding up drying times.

If you would like more information on how you can save time and money with Arxell then contact us today to discuss the benefits and request a demonstration.