Innovative technology; simple design

The Arxell Drying System is a relatively simple concept which revolutionises existing drying technology and water removal methods.

The system is made up of individual Arxell units. There are two male and two female ports on each unit. The units can be connected together to approximately recreate the shape of the area that needs to be dried.

Using 100mm diameter hoses, you can connect as many pieces of drying equipment to the units as necessary. Any ports which are not used can be covered using the universal plastic caps provided.

Dry, hot or cold air is pumped in to the units through the connector hoses. The air is evenly circulated onto the target area via jets from small holes in the base of the units. This provides more efficient drying as the drying air is delivered directly to the wet surface with little or no loss into the surrounding atmosphere. Built in ventilation allows moist air to escape and be carried away from the wet area.

A micro-climate is formed over the drying area.  By directing a constant stream of air at the wet surface you disrupt the boundary layer of molecules. Using the Arxell system allows you much more control of the drying process by allowing you to control the flow, heat and humidity of the air directed at the wet area.

The science behind the drying process remains the same as when using traditional drying methods. The key difference is that the drying is focussed on a specific area which speeds up the drying and uses energy more efficiently.

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