How does heat drying work?

Heat drying is used every day in household products such as tumble dryers and hair dryers. The science is quite simple. When a liquid is heated it turns to a gas. Gas is less dense than liquid so is more easily absorbed into the air. Hot air rises so the vapour is carried away from the wet surface allowing it to dry out.


Once the liquid has evaporated you need to remove it from the area otherwise it will return to liquid as it cools creating condensation. If you are using the heating method for drying you need air movement and ventilation to ensure that the water vapour does not return back to the wet area.

Unlike drying with dehumidifiers, heat drying does not collect the moisture. This alleviates the need to empty the water away and works well if an area cannot be sealed.

How does the Arxell Drying System enhance the process?

With Arxell the heat is directed evenly across the wet area. A micro-climate is created between the wet surface and the Arxell units so the heat is concentrated on the surface that needs to be dried.

Introducing air movement directly to the target surface increases the rate of evaporation. The water vapour escapes from the vents in the units and is directed away from the wet surface. Meanwhile more heat is being directed to the wet surface.

As water vapour evaporates from a surface the surface cools because the heat energy is transferred. Sometimes this can cool the surface so much it hinders the process. The Arxell Drying System adds heat continuously at the surface which reduces the effects of evaporative cooling.

The Arxell Drying System provides a much more efficient use of heat because it only heats the target area as opposed to the entire room. This speeds up the drying process and reduces the amount of energy needed.

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