Focused Drying

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Multiple Floors Dried from one room

arxell deployed
Arxell Focused Drying System deployed to dry the floor.

The customer on this project had a leak from a pipe in the main toilets of a community facility. The leak saturated the common concrete slab that extended under 4 areas including the toilet, a cafe kitchen, a general area and a hallway.  The cafe kitchen had a bonded vinyl floor. RF moisture levels were high in all areas but removing the vinyl floor in the cafe kitchen would have resulted in a major strip-out and closure of the facility.  The customer was desperate to keep the facility open. The Arxell system was installed in the toilet area where the vinyl floor had already been removed to access and repair the leak. Two Corroventa CTR300XT desiccant units supplied by Edge Equipment Hire, were used to deliver a constant stream of undiluted warm dry air directly to the floor.  A remote monitoring system was also installed to monitor the drying progress from the office, this also let us know when the equipment was accidentally switched off!

Photos showing Thermal Imaging and Remote Monitoring

The toilet floor slab was heated up to a surface temp of 30 Deg C and with the constant warm/ dry airflow, was dry in 5 days . The equipment was left on and continued drying by pulling moisture out from the other wet areas. Over the following two weeks the high moisture content in the slab under the cafe kitchen was reduced down to acceptable equilibrium levels. This eliminated the need to remove the vinyl floor to dry the slab beneath and removed the need for a major strip out of the cafe kitchen.

Once again the flexibility and controlled targeted heat and airflow of the internationally patented Arxell Focused Drying System has been used successfully in order to keep a facility open, reducing claim costs and life cycle,  keeping strip out to a minimum and avoiding an otherwise expensive insurance claim.

Graeme Joynson