Water Removal and Flood Restoration

Over recent years, floods have devastated homes and businesses across Britain and it’s estimated that over two million homes in the UK are at risk of flood. It is imperative that improvements are made within the drying industry so that water damage clean up and flood restoration times are reduced.

Arxell Drying Systems have developed a system that works in conjunction with existing damage management equipment and enhances the effectiveness. Using Arxell Drying Systems in restorative drying situations provides many significant benefits.

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    Arxell Drying Systems reduce drying times by up to 75% compared to using some conventional methods alone. Speeding up the drying process means that restorative works can take place faster and people can be returned to their properties much sooner. This is great news for home and business owners who have been affected by flooding. It also reduces costs for insurance companies as the work is completed sooner and the costs of relocating policyholders to temporary accommodation is minimised.

    Faster water removal reduces the chances of secondary damage such as rotting and mould. Secondary damage can incur a lot of additional cost which can be avoided if areas are dried out quickly.

    The Arxell Drying System can also be used on individual items of furniture and even rugs. The rapid drying means it’s possible to salvage items that may have otherwise been lost to water damage which removes the cost of replacing such items.

  • Load-bearing

    Often restorative work can’t take place until the drying process is complete. This extends the time it takes to get people back in to their homes which adds extra cost and prolongs an already stressful process.

    The Arxell Drying System is weight-bearing and provides a surface that can be safely worked on without affecting the drying process. The units even have grip on the top side to increase safety of any contractors working within the area.

    Restoration works can run concurrently with drying works. This reduces the time and cost involved in restoration and allows quicker reinstatement of properties.

    The Arxell Drying System dries structures faster than other technologies. With the addition of works being able to commence sooner, the overall turnaround time of a restoration project is significantly reduced.

  • Eco-Friendly

    There is much more public awareness surrounding the environment and people are taking a much larger interest in reducing their carbon footprint. More pressure is being put on businesses to be eco-friendly.

    The Arxell Drying System uses energy more efficiently than other drying systems. This is because the drying air is targeted on the wet area rather than drying the entire volume of a room. Not only does using less energy reduce costs it is also better for the environment.

    Arxell units are made from polypropylene which can be made from recycled material and can be recycled at the end of use making them even more eco-friendly. By using Arxell Drying Systems companies will be seen to be being more responsible.

  • Durable

    Arxell Drying Systems are built to last. They are made with polypropylene which is easy to clean and extremely hard wearing. Arxell units are guaranteed for five years and require minimal servicing.

    Reliable drying equipment is essential for flood damage repair. Unlike other drying delivery systems Arxell will withstand years of use without the need for repair or servicing so provide a better return on investment.

  • Modular

    Arxell Drying Systems are designed for flexibility. The individual units can be connected together to cover floor, wall and even ceiling areas. You can also build around furniture to speed dry individual items.

    The units are easily connected. You can build a system that covers the approximate shape and size of the wet area so that structural drying is completely focussed. This reduces the amount of energy needed as the drying is concentrated directly on the wet surface rather than a whole room. This is a very efficient use of energy and will dry an area much faster than using non-focussed drying.

    The design of the units also makes them stackable so they can be easily stored and transported from project to project.

  • Targeted

    Arxell Drying Systems provides focussed drying which is faster, better for the environment and more cost effective than non-focussed drying.

    The units can be fitted together to cover the exact area. You can connect as much equipment as needed so the heat, humidity and air flow can be controlled.

    The Arxell Drying System creates a micro-climate which targets the drying air directly where it is needed. This means that energy is not wasted by heating the entire volume of a room. It also means that rooms do not have to be sealed while the drying process takes place so does not restrict other restoration work from taking place.

Arxell Drying Systems has the capacity to revolutionise the drying of flood and water damaged properties. There is no other technology like it available. No other drying equipment can offer so many benefits. It’s quicker, greener and more intelligent than any other drying system on the market.

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