Why flat rate drying schemes could well be the future

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Pricing up the cost of a drying project can be complex. Drying times can be affected by various factors; building materials, weather, ventilation and size of the area to list a few. Drying companies don’t want to price too high and risk not winning the business but if they price too low and delays occur then they could lose out.

This makes it very difficult for companies to price on a flat rate. Some companies offer equipment hire by the day, some price based on room volume and others price on a project by project basis.

Arxell wants to make it easier to estimate drying times and therefore make pricing more structured. The Arxell drying unit is not only up to three times faster at drying than some traditional methods, it also provides more control over the drying conditions.

Targeted Drying

Arxell units focus drying air directly on to the surface that needs drying. This alleviates the problem of having to heat the volume of an entire room to dry out a floor or wall.

By focussing the air like this the drying time is increased substantially. In fact tests have shown it can speed up drying times by 75%.











The Arxell units create a microclimate over the wet surface which means that drying is not affected by other factors in the room. You don’t have to seal a room to dry out an area and the units are designed to carry moist air away from the drying surface.

This allows much more control over the temperature and humidity around the wet surface which again increases the drying speed and prevents external factors affecting the drying process.


The design of Arxell allows units to be connected together as required. This means that you can fit together as many units as necessary to cover the wet area. You can also choose how many pieces of equipment to attach to the units for optimal drying.

Because you are distributing the drying air equally across the whole of the wet surface you dry the entire area at once. This eliminates the need to keep relocating equipment and the area is dried more evenly.

The Benefit

All of these factors provide much more controlled drying conditions which allow drying companies to more accurately predict drying times. They can do this because the number of factors affecting the drying time is reduced. They can also easily calculate how many units are needed to dry an area based on the square footage.

Because drying companies can be more confident in their predications they can offer more accurate pricing and so flat rate drying schemes will become a more attractive option. This is far more beneficial to the customer as they will know up front exactly what the cost will be. Drying companies offering this system will be more likely to win business as not only will they be offering faster drying, they will also be offering a better pricing option.

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Arxell provides many benefits to the drying industry and could substantially reduce the cost of flood restoration for insurers as well as increase profits for drying companies.  If you are interested in finding out more about how Arxell works then get in touch to learn about the benefits or book a demonstration.