Why early adopters of Arxell could clean up

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Our tests prove that the Arxell drying system is up to 75% faster than traditional drying methods. The benefits of this to the drying industry are numerous and those who adopt the Arxell drying system quickly will put themselves at an advantage.

Competitive Advantage

Being able to offer your customers drying times that are three times faster than your competitors makes you a far more attractive option. Those who have been affected by flooding or water damage will be eager to get back into their properties. Even if you are quoting a higher price than other drying companies, the benefits to businesses and residents of getting back into the properties faster would justify the extra cost.

Insurance companies would also be more inclined to employ a drying company that can offer a much faster drying time. Restoration works could take place sooner and residents would be returned to their properties earlier which would save insurance companies significant amounts of money.

Save Money

Another unique benefit to Arxell is that the units are weight bearing. This means that restoration works can take place above or around the unit whilst an area is being dried. Not only does this mean the restoration process is faster, in some cases it means that people don’t even have to vacate their properties at all. This increases the cost benefits to insurers making those companies that use the Arxell system far more appealing.


We predict that as word gets out about Arxell more and more insurers will insist on drying companies using this system. Not only is it more efficient and cost effective it is also more environmentally friendly.

Win more work

Those companies that invest in Arxell early on will be at an advantage. They will already have built a good relationship with the Arxell team and established themselves as forward thinking companies. They will have knowledge of how the system works and will have built up their units as they win more and more contracts.

When insurance companies realise the huge cost saving benefits of Arxell they will be looking for those who can offer it. Every insurer will want to contract the best drying companies. Those that offer the Arxell system will be able to command much better deals.

Hire Sector

It’s not just flood affected areas that can benefit from Arxell. Arxell provides controlled drying conditions making it ideal for use in the construction industry.  Many construction firms will be interested in the benefits of Arxell but won’t necessarily want to buy the system themselves.

Equipment hire companies who invest early will be able to hire out the Arxell unit to construction firms as needed. Because of the modular design it is very easy to store, transport and set up. You can build the units to any size needed and the drying air is evenly distributed. This means the entire wet surface will be dried out at the same rate. This allows you to quote based on a price per square foot basis.

The Arxell system truly is the best drying system on the market. There are so many benefits and we are yet to find a scenario where Arxell does not out-perform other drying methods.

Those who get on board now can start to reap the benefits early and get a head start on their competitors. If you are interested in cleaning up with Arxell then please contact us for more information or a demonstration.