Why current drying processes are a false economy (and how to make more money)!

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The idea behind Arxell came from years of frustration caused by inadequate drying systems. The problem with using fans, heaters and dehumidifiers to dry an area is that they just aren’t efficient.

What is wrong with the current drying process?

Let’s say we are trying to dry out a floor that has been soaked through with flood water. Once the excess water has been removed we need to dry out the floor. A combination of heaters, fans and dehumidifiers may be used. The fans will keep the air flowing, the heaters will help evaporate the water faster and the dehumidifiers will remove the water from the air.Warning Word Calculator Dangerous Risk

The problem with this process is that the drying air isn’t targeted. The heater will heat the entire room which is a waste of energy. The areas of the floor closest to the heaters and fans will dry fastest so equipment needs to be redistributed regularly to dry the whole floor. The room also needs to be sealed so that more moisture isn’t being introduced.

The whole process is slow and this is bad news for the drying industry. It is very difficult to predict drying times because there are many factors that need to be considered. You also have to have someone to move equipment around and empty water from the dehumidifiers.

People want rooms to be dried quickly and for the lowest cost possible. To stay competitive you have to keep your cost down or be able to guarantee faster drying. Given that there isn’t much variation in the equipment available this can be very difficult to do.

How does Arxell help?

Arxell was built to enhance existing drying equipment by focusing the drying air. It does this by distributing the air directly on to the wet surface and creating a micro climate above it. This means that there is no need to heat an entire room. It also means that drying times are substantially faster. Our tests have proven that Arxell can dry an area up to three times faster than using a dehumidifier alone.

Arxell units can also be walked on which means there is no requirement to seal off a room. A floor or wall can be dried out without restricting access. Because the units can be fit together to cover the entire wet area, you eliminate the need to keep moving equipment.

The amount of energy needed to dry an area is significantly reduced which saves cost and is also better for the environment.

What does this mean for the drying industry?

Using Arxell means that you can offer a much faster drying time. This means you are more likely to win business because people want properties dried out as soon as possible. Completing drying projects faster means you can increase the amount of work you take on, which means more money for you.

Arxell allows you to have more control over the drying process and makes it possible to give more accurate estimates on how long the drying process will take. This means you can be more confident with your pricing.

There are so many benefits to using Arxell that we are confident that those who adopt the system early will put themselves at a major advantage. Insurers are keen to reduce the costs of drying and always look for the most efficient drying processes. We believe that once they see the benefits of Arxell they will choose to use only contractors that can provide this system.

If you would like to know more about Arxell, or how you can purchase the Arxell Drying System, then get in touch.