Construction Drying

Drying times can be unpredictable and can cause problems or delays in construction, renovation, restoration or reinstatement. Drying wet trade materials too quickly can cause cracks, brittleness or ineffectiveness and drying too slow can hold up work on a project. Delays can incur extra costs and even result in financial penalties.

In addition to the drying of materials, there can be unexpected damp, wet or water damaged areas which need to be dried before a project continues. There can even be spillages, burst pipes or damage to water tanks that cause unpredicted problems.

With Arxell Drying Systems you can dry areas faster and you can concentrate the drying process on just the necessary area. The Arxell Drying System is weight bearing so you can continue to work on or around it without any issues. There are many benefits to using the Arxell Drying System.

  • Focussed

    Arxell Drying Systems allow the process of drying wet walls, floors and surfaces to be much more controlled. This is very useful when a lot of water has been introduced either accidentally or deliberately. The need to remove excess water effectively can be met by creating optimal drying conditions over the area.

    The Arxell system creates a micro-climate over the wet area. You can control the temperature, humidity and speed of the air that is being introduced to the area. The air is distributed across the area evenly reducing the risk of patchy drying.

    Rooms do not need to be sealed off during drying so you do not have to restrict access. This allows for other works to take place in the area speeding up the overall turnaround of a project.

  • Load-Bearing

    The Arxell Drying System is load-bearing. Over boarding can be added to provide pedestrian access, a work surface or a storage space for equipment.

    The top side of each Arxell unit provides grip to ensure safety when moving about on top of the system. The drying process will not be affected as the drying air enters the units through the sides and is directed to the wet area through holes in the bottom.

    Arxell Drying Systems are safe to work on and allow drying of floors, walls and even ceilings to take place with minimal impact on the surrounding area. Work that is unrelated to the drying area does not have to be delayed during the drying process. This can be a real benefit when there are tight deadlines on a project.

  • Modular

    The Arxell Drying System is made up of individual units that can be connected together to closely match the size and shape of the drying area.

    You can connect as many pieces of equipment as required to obtain the optimal drying conditions. The unused ports can be covered using the universal caps provided. The system has been designed to be quick to assemble and easy to use so that time is not wasted getting it in to place.

    The units conveniently fit in layers of four on standard sized pallets. This makes them easy to stack and store when not in use and easy to transport from project to project.

  • Durable

    The durability of the Arxell units makes them ideal for use in the construction industry. They are made from polypropylene so can withstand knocks and bumps easily and are very resistant to damage.

    Unlike other drying aids there is no risk of punctures or tears so work can continue on and around the drying area without fear of damaging the equipment.

    The Arxell Drying System does not require regular maintenance or servicing so it is a very reliable piece of technology.  The units are guaranteed for five years so will provide a good return on investment long term.

  • Fast Icon


    The Arxell Drying System is a delivery system so it works with existing technology to enhance the effectiveness of drying methods. It can dry an area up to three times faster than some conventional methods.

    Instead of drying a whole room or structure you can focus the drying process directly on the wet surface or area. This is ideal for when moisture needs to be removed quickly or a surface needs to be heated up fast.

    Quick drying can be used to dry out trade materials so that further finishing work can take place. It also speeds up the drying of water damaged areas so that restoration work can take place sooner and secondary damage is minimised.

  • Eco-Friendly

    Businesses have a responsibility to the environment and using an environmentally friendly system like Arxell can help you fulfil that responsibility.

    The Arxell Drying System is made from polypropylene which is recyclable making it very eco-friendly.

    The Arxell system is more energy efficient than other drying systems available. Minimising wasted heat and energy is better for the environment as well as being more cost effective for you.

Using Arxell Drying Systems to dry wet trade materials such as concrete, cement, plaster and screed has a lot of advantages. Being able to control the drying conditions and dry areas quickly allows you to plan more effectively and deliver completed projects on time.

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