Drying of Concrete

Concrete and cement can be very sensitive. Providing optimal curing or drying conditions can ensure it achieves the desired properties for its intended use.

Warm weather, direct sunlight or hot, dry air can dry the concrete out too quickly. Cold, damp air can hinder the drying process which can delay other works and incur extra cost.

The Arxell Drying System allows you control of air circulation giving you the ability to control the conditions around an area. You can connect fans, heaters and dehumidifiers to the units and create a micro-climate when curing or drying concrete slabs or cemented areas. This allows you to add warm or cold air as required and ensure that any excess moisture is removed from the air around the surface.

The Arxell units will also form a barrier against direct sunlight and the built in ventilation will allow humid air to escape.

Using a controlled drying system will allow you to avoid issues caused by drying too fast and will prevent delays caused by drying too slow. You can control the moisture content and ensure it is reduced to the desired level.

Areas do not need to be sealed as a micro-climate is formed over the surface. This allows works to continue around the area. The Arxell Drying System is also load-bearing so once in place you can walk over the units or store equipment on top of them without disturbing the drying process.

Arxell is a durable, effective delivery system helping you achieve the ideal conditions for concrete and cement drying.

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