Author: Deborah Joynson

Arxell Drying Systems

Focused Drying

Multiple Floors Dried from one room The customer on this project had a leak from a pipe in the main toilets of a community facility. The leak saturated the common concrete slab that extended under 4 areas including the toilet, a cafe kitchen, a general area and a hallway.  The cafe kitchen had a bonded […]

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Why do UK flood defence systems keep letting us down?

Winter has arrived in the UK and already the flood warnings have begun. Year on year properties across the country are affected by severe flooding, whilst residents question why more isn’t being done to protect homes and businesses. Many argue that our flood defences just aren’t adequate and that more should be put in place […]

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When is concrete actually dry?

It’s difficult to give an exact time for how long concrete takes to dry, or at which stage it is actually considered dry. Concrete is used for different purposes and the use often determines how dry it needs to be. “When is it dry enough to walk on?” has a different answer to “when is […]

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