Arxell’s latest data shows it can be up to 75% faster than traditional drying practices

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We’ve always known that Arxell is faster at drying than using traditional methods alone, but our latest tests show it could be up to 75% quicker. That’s great news for the drying industry.

Test conditions

To test how effective Arxell is, we set up identical drying conditions at the same site. We flooded 100mm thick concrete slabs for 48 hours and then compared drying methods.Arxell Test results

We set up three drying situations; Arxell in conjunction with a desiccant dehumidifier and a heater, Arxell with just a desiccant dehumidifier and a dehumidifier with fan only.

We then recorded how long it took to get down to 75% relative humidity using each method. Not only did we start to see a reduction in relative humidity much sooner when using Arxell, the rate at which it got down to 75% was almost 4 times faster. The results clearly prove that the Arxell system, when used with a heater and a dehumidifier, is extremely efficient.

Reducing the drying time so significantly will mean that buildings affected by flood can be dried much faster. The cost benefits of this to insurance companies are huge. Restoration works can take place much sooner and residents will be back in their homes much faster. On top of this, the energy that will be saved is great news for the environment.

So what makes Arxell so effective?

The Arxell system was designed to enhance existing drying methods rather than replace them. Arxell can be connected to heaters, fans and dehumidifiers. The benefit of using Arxell rather than using these pieces of equipment alone is that drying air is focussed. Instead of heating a whole room or the area around a surface, you focus the drying air directly onto the wet material. Arxell works by creating a micro climate over the wet surface.

Being able to increase drying times so substantially is beneficial in itself, but there are many other advantages to the design too. It is load bearing, durable and easy to stack, store and use. Unlike other targeted drying systems on the market you do not have to seal off an area or wait for drying to finish. You can walk on Arxell units, store equipment on them and they can easily withstand knocks. They are built to last and are easy to clean which makes them a good investment.

You can fit as many units together as necessary to cover the area and attach as many pieces of equipment as you want. Because you are distributing the air evenly you don’t need to keep moving equipment about. Arxell units can be put in place and then left alone until the drying is complete.

The results of our tests reinforce our belief that Arxell will revolutionise the drying industry. There is no other drying system that can compete with the speed and efficiency of Arxell.

Arxell can be used in construction and flood drying industries. If you would like more information we would be happy to talk to you about the benefits of Arxell and the options for hiring or buying the system.