The Arxell system allows the work to carry on

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The problem with many of the current drying systems is that rooms have to be sealed whilst drying takes place. This can be very inconvenient and delay the whole reinstatement process.

Many of the targeted drying systems that are designed to speed up drying are easy to puncture or damage or cause trip hazards. This makes it very difficult for contractors to complete essential repairs in the area during the drying.

Why is Arxell different?

The Arxell units are load bearing so once they have been positioned over the wet surface the can be walked on and worked on. The top of each unit provides grip to make the surface even safer.

Arxell can be laid over floors, stood upLoad bearing unitsright to dry walls and built around individual items of furniture. It can even be propped up in order to dry ceilings if necessary. Works can continue above or around the Arxell system without causing any disruption to the drying process.

The units are extremely durable and hard wearing as they are made from strong polypropylene. This makes them able to withstand knocks and bangs. They are also very easy to clean.

Why is this beneficial?

If an area can be dried whilst works continue around it, then this speeds up the reinstatement process substantially. The Arxell system has been designed with this in mind and works can take place in the drying area without interfering with the drying process.

The Arxell system also dries an area up to three times faster than using existing methods alone. This substantially reduces the time it takes to dry out a flood or water damaged structure which is great news for the flood restoration industry.

Drying times can also be predicted more accurately which makes planning easier. The flow, temperature and humidity of the air can be controlled so the system creates optimal drying conditions for many materials.

Request a demonstration

Arxell provides many benefits to flood restoration companies, drying companies and the construction industry.

It is an innovative design that is very simple to use. It connects to existing equipment to enhance the efficiency and reduce drying times by up to 75%.

Arxell units are available to buy or hire and make a great investment. They are durable and hard wearing and require very little maintenance or servicing. In fact, the Arxell system comes with a five year guarantee.

The units are designed to be easy to stack for storage and transportation and are very simple to assemble and use.

If you are interested in discussing the many benefits of Arxell or would like to enquire about purchasing the system then contact our team today.

If you feel that a demonstration of the system in action would be beneficial, we would be happy to arrange this and show you exactly how Arxell is revolutionising the drying industry. Get in touch now to find out more.