Arxell saves the day, and a fortune in unnecessary costs!

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A London based customer was faced with having to move offices during drying and restoration works following a burst water main. The wet floor area was the main thoroughfare through the busy design office. The estimated cost for alternative accommodation and moving was £100,000 on top of the restoration costs.

Arxell drying systems were able to install their patented focused surface drying system which was then over boarded to provide an access/working platform. Very happy occupier, very happy client.

Arxell laid out in the main thoroughfare

Arxell system being installed.

Arxell we’re contacted to provide a specification to dry an office floor that had been soaked by a long term leak for over 12 months. The floor was a solid oak floor that was water damaged. The sub floor was a saturated concrete slab.

We proposed to install our patented weight bearing focused drying system to provide a walkway and working platform. As this was the main thoroughfare through the busy design office, it could not be sealed off to allow the use of other commercially available drying systems because access through the area was essential.

As an additional service to the customer we installed the system over a weekend in order to reduce disruption to the office who have not lost 1 minute of office time.

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Completely over boarded. Drying underneath. Desk ready for use.

The customer, and the contractor client had been told to expect that the only solution was to relocate the office into temporary, alternative accommodation. The move and return alone was estimated at £100,000. This was in addition to the expected reinstatement costs. This estimated cost was largely due to the high end graphics and printing equipment that would have to be moved. The customer was not happy about the prospects of a move and was concerned that moving offices would have a potentially damaging affect on their business. So an office move would have to be an absolute last resort.

After a quick internet search the main contractor contacted us through the Arxell website and the necessary arrangements were made to install our equipment.

Very happy customer, very happy client and massively reduced costs. Win win win.