Why Arxell could revolutionise drying (and is not just blowing hot air)!

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Ydsc_2494lrou may have heard us mention that Arxell is going to revolutionise the drying industry; after all we have been saying it since Arxell was created.

You may think we’re just another company who is over confident in their product and making big claims about how great it is. Whilst we are certainly confident in our product, that isn’t the only reason we’re so sure of its success.

Proven Results

We’ve tested Arxell against other drying products on the market and have proven that it is much more efficient at drying an area than using traditional methods alone.

The science behind Arxell is pretty simple and when you break it down it’s easy to see why it is so effective. We didn’t design Arxell to replace existing drying equipment; we designed Arxell to enhance it. Arxell improves the efficiency of heaters, fans and dehumidifiers by focussing the drying air directly on to the wet surface.


We are not the only people who can see the potential of Arxell. The Arxell system was nominated for a Travis Perkins Innovation Award.

Travis Perkins is one of the biggest names in the construction industry and they considered Arxell innovative enough to make the shortlist. This just shows that our system is something special.

How will Arxell revolutionise drying?

dsc_2535lrClearly we have a unique product; there really is nothing else as effective on the market. However, what makes Arxell so exciting is what that could mean for the drying industry.

We have tested Arxell and proven that it can reduce drying times by up to 75%. Being able to dry flood damaged properties three times faster would save insurance companies millions. Restoration works take place earlier and people would be returned to their properties much sooner.

Everyone benefits from faster drying. Nobody wants to be forced to leave their properties whilst they are dried. No insurance company wants to have to pay for alternative accommodation for longer than necessary. Site managers don’t want to have to delay restoration works or restrict access to sealed areas because drying is taking place.

With Arxell, inconvenience to all parties is minimised. Not only does Arxell dry areas faster it also works without the need to seal an area. In fact, Arxell units can be worked on top of without disrupting the drying process. We’ve even put grip on the units to minimise the risk of slipping.

Arxell and construction

It’s not just water damage that Arxell takes care of. Arxell units can be used to create controlled drying conditions for construction materials such as screed, plaster and concrete. Being able to dry areas evenly and in optimum conditions is hugely beneficial.

Projects can be more accurately timed and deadlines met, because drying will no longer delay the process.  This is why we are discussions with major development projects in the UK such as the Battersea Power Station Development project.

There are so many benefits to this simple system. It’s hard wearing, load bearing, fast, cost effective, easy to use and it’s even eco-friendly too.

If you think Arxell sounds too good to be true then let us show you we’re not just blowing hot air. We’re happy to tell you more about how Arxell works or provide you with a demonstration. Contact us today for more information.