Easy to use; energy efficient

The Arxell Drying System is designed to be used in conjunction with existing drying equipment to provide the best possible drying solution for floors, walls and structures. It is a delivery system that delivers 100% of the drying air evenly over a wet surface of any size.

The Arxell Drying System creates a micro-climate over the area that needs to be dried. The micro-climate speeds up the drying process and reduces the amount of wasted energy.

Arxell is a modular based drying system allowing units to be fitted together to the shape of the wet area. Whole or part surfaces of floors, walls and even ceilings can be covered. It is also possible to build around individual items of furniture.

Once the units are in place you can connect drying equipment such as heaters, fans or dehumidifiers to any of the units. You can connect as many pieces of equipment as necessary, thus controlling the drying speed.

The air from the drying equipment goes into the units via connector hoses. Jets of air are directed onto the wet surface through small holes in the base of each unit. The drying process works in the usual way but, because the Arxell units create a micro-climate over the wet area, the drying will be more focussed. The area will dry much faster and more evenly than when using the connected drying equipment alone.

Whilst the drying process is taking place the units act as a load-bearing surface which means that work above or around the area can carry on uninterrupted. The units are extremely durable and have grip on the top face to improve safety.

Once the area is dry the units can be disconnected, stacked and transported to the next location or stored away until required.

The Arxell Drying System is unique. No other drying system provides more effective focussed drying. The flexibility, durability and undisputed efficiency make Arxell the best drying solution available.

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