Why the Arxell Micro-Climate is so important to the process

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Part of what makes Arxell so efficient at drying is the fact that the units create a micro-climate over the wet surface which provides optimal drying conditions.

When a heater or dehumidifier is placed in a room in order to dry a specific area, it is often affected by many other factors. The size of the room, the ventilation and the temperature and humidity of the air can all hinder the drying process.

Benefits of Arxell’s micro-climate

There are many benefits to using the Arxell System. Arxell greatly speeds up the drying process. In fact, tests have shown that using Arxell can reduce drying times by up to 75%.

Micro climate

With Arxell, the drying air is focussed directly on to the wet area. Because the units have built in ventilation the moist air is removed from the area but the outside air doesn’t interfere with the drying process. This means that it is much easier to predict drying times because there are less uncontrollable factors to take into consideration.

The Arxell system allows much more control over the flow, temperature and humidity of the air. It also provides much more consistent drying as the air is evenly distributed across the area.

Using Arxell is much better for the environment because you eliminate the need to heat or dry an entire volume of a room when drying a particular surface or item. This means that less energy is needed.


Arxell complements existing equipment

The great news for drying companies is that Arxell was designed to work with existing equipment. It enhances the effectiveness of these traditional methods because it directs the drying air straight on to the wet surface.

Arxell connects to most existing equipment using 100mm diameter connection hoses. This means that you don’t have to replace any expensive drying equipment. In fact, you will improve the efficiency and get more from your existing heaters, fans and dehumidifiers.

Arxell makes a great investment as it reduces the length of time needed to dry an area. This means that your drying equipment doesn’t need to run for as long which saves energy. You will also be able to complete more drying projects before having to replace or service your existing equipment.

Arxell is extremely durable and requires very little maintenance or servicing. It is very easy to stack, store and transport.

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Arxell is an innovative system that enhances drying methods and speeds up drying times substantially. This can save insurers millions and increase the profits for drying companies.

Arxell can also be used within the construction industry to dry sensitive materials.

There are so many benefits to employing the Arxell Drying System and we would be happy to discuss how Arxell can make you more money and save insurance companies millions.

If you would like to find out more about hiring or buying the Arxell system or are interested in booking a demonstration then get in touch.