How Arxell complements rather than replaces existing drying equipment

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The science behind drying is pretty basic; you need to remove moisture from the surface in order for it to dry. This process can be enhanced by using heat or dehumidifiers. There are many heaters and dehumidifiers within the drying industry that have been designed for this purpose and some are more efficient than others. The amount of equipment needed is dependent on the area that needs to be dried and various other factors.Complement Each Other

The problem with existing drying equipment is that the drying air isn’t focussed on the surface that needs to be dried. Building a bigger or better heater or dehumidifier would do very little to address this issue.

That’s where Arxell comes in

The Arxell Drying System wasn’t designed to replace existing heating and dehumidifying equipment; it was designed to enhance the efficiency. By focussing the drying air on to the area that needs to be dried, Arxell has addressed the biggest inadequacy of existing equipment.

How does it work?

Each Arxell unit has two male and two female ports to allow them to easily connect together. Using 100mm diameter connector hoses you can then connect as many pieces of drying equipment as necessary. Any unused ports can be covered using the caps provided.dsc_2535lr

Once your equipment is connected and the units are in place over the wet surface, the drying air is distributed via small holes in the base of the units.

The units create a microclimate over the wet area which helps speed up the drying process. The vents in the units allow moist air to escape which prevents condensation. Because heat is being constantly applied to the wet area you reduce the effects of evaporative cooling.

Arxell substantially speeds up the rate of drying. In fact our tests have shown that using Arxell can reduce drying times by up to 75% compared to using existing dehumidifying equipment alone.

What are the benefits of faster drying?

Usually if something needs drying then the quicker it can be dried the better. This is certainly the case in flood restoration. Increasing the rate at which buildings and structures are dried out means that redecoration can take place sooner and people can return to their homes and businesses earlier.

Not only does faster drying save time it also reduces cost. The cost of relocating people during the drying process is huge. Getting properties dried in less time will save millions of pounds.

Faster drying is also better for the environment. If you try and dry a floor using just a heater then you have to heat the whole room. Using Arxell means that the hot air is targeted straight at the wet area so no wasted heat. The less wasted energy the better for the environment.

It’s not just flood restoration companies that benefit. Arxell can also be used in construction to dry sensitive materials. Because the drying air can be more easily controlled it reduces the risk of materials being damaged during the drying process. It also allows projects to be kept on track because the drying times can be more accurately predicted.

Want to know more?

Arxell has many benefits. Not only is it faster and more efficient than other drying systems, it is also extremely durable, hard-wearing and easy to use.

If you’re interested in purchasing or hiring the Arxell Drying System or would like to request a demonstration then get in touch today.