Arxell believe that reducing the claim cycle is key!

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There is no doubt that flooding is responsible for costing insurance companies millions of pounds. Properties can be flooded very quickly but unfortunately the drying process is slow.

Arxell was conceived due to frustration for inefficient drying systems which caused inconvenience and huge cost. Arxell can dry areas up to three times faster than some other drying methods available. This will mean huge savings across the flood restoration industry, particularly for insurance companies.

What happens when a property floods? 

underwater flooding interiorWhen flooding occurs in a property there are many stages to the claim cycle. Insurers have to assess the damage and instruct suppliers to clean up and then restore the property. On top of this they have to fork out for accommodation for the property owners until the work is complete.

First the water needs to be removed. Once this has happened the structure needs to be dried. With traditional drying equipment this process can take months. Often access is restricted or rooms have to be sealed so as not to disturb the equipment or slow down the process. This means that no restoration works can take place during this time.

Then, once drying is complete, the contractors can come in and start restoring the property. All the while the insurance companies are paying for accommodation.

There is no guarantee as to how long drying will take. Weather conditions, age of the structure, the materials and other factors can all delay the drying time. When drying times can’t be predicted it makes it very difficult for works to be planned.

Contractors can be ready to start working and then have to postpone because an area has not yet dried. It can then be difficult to get them back once drying is complete as they have moved on to another project. All of this adds more and more cost to the claim.

Where does Arxell fit in?

Fast SnailArxell speeds up the drying process. This can significantly reduce costs. Our tests have proven that drying times can be up to three times faster.

Arxell works by creating a micro-climate over the wet area. The units are connected to standard drying equipment such as heaters, fans and dehumidifiers. The air is evenly distributed over the area and, most importantly, is focussed directly where it is needed.

You can connect as many heaters and fans as required; the more you connect the faster the drying process. Because the air is focussed it reduces the amount of wasted energy which not only keeps costs down but is also better for the environment.

Another great benefit of Arxell is that the area does not need to be sealed. This means that works can begin much sooner. The units have been designed to withstand weight. They can be walked on and worked on no problem.

Furniture can be placed on top of the Arxell units. This means there is no cost for storing it whilst an area is dried. In some cases residents won’t even need to leave their property.

How does this benefit the industry?

Drying times will be reduced and works can take place sooner. The drying is much easier to control with Arxell so there is less chance of delay in projects.

The faster drying and quicker restoration process will reduce the amount spent on providing temporary accommodation.

Less energy is used which saves money. Furniture can be stored on top of Arxell units so storage costs are reduced.

Equipment doesn’t need to be repositioned so the cost of monitoring the drying process is reduced.

The main benefit to insurance companies is the cost saving but they will also be providing a better service to their customers. Getting people back in their homes, or not having to move them out at all, should be a priority.

Reducing the cycle

Long drying times just add to the cycle. More and more costs get piled on and the claim gets bigger and bigger. This results in premiums increasing and more people struggling to find insurance.

Arxell can substantially reduce costs and make the whole process much faster. Less costs and less hassle for the insurance companies. The process is made much simpler and more efficient. Drying and restoration can take place simultaneously reducing the frustrations between different contractors.

The future of flood restoration

InsuranceWe believe that Arxell will become industry standard for drying flood and water damaged properties. As more and more drying companies understand the benefits and more and more insurers realise the cost saving implications, Arxell will become a familiar sight.

The process for restoring properties will be much more straightforward. Contractors will feel comfortable working on and around Arxell units and drying companies will feel confident that the drying process will not be hindered by this.

Although flooding will inevitably result in some cost, the introduction of Arxell into the process will minimise this. Drying companies that have invested in Arxell will be at a huge advantage over their competitors. They will be able to show evidence of cost saving benefits to insurers and win more business. Insurers will be able to provide better customer service because they will be offering a faster drying time and can be more accurate in estimating timescales.

Other Arxell benefits

Arxell is fast and extremely efficient. This is a benefit to drying companies, the flood restoration industry and also to those in construction.

There are other benefits to Arxell as well as its speed and efficiency. We have mentioned above that it is load bearing and this is extremely advantageous. Other targeted drying methods are not made to be walked on and can often puncture or get damaged. Arxell is built to be durable. It is built to last and withstand exposure to weather, knocks, bangs and transportation.

As well as being strong the units are also very flexible. Most standard drying equipment can be connected to Arxell, meaning it can easily be incorporated into the industry. The units can be fitted together to cover any size area and they are easy to stack for storage and transportation.

Arxell units are also eco-friendly. They are made from polypropylene so they are both recycled and recyclable. They are also extremely energy efficient. As there is more and more pressure on companies to reduce their carbon footprint, there is a stronger requirement for greener products.

Want to know more?

Although money is being spent on flood defences around the UK, there is still substantial risk of flood. Reducing the length of restoring flood damaged properties could potentially save companies millions of pounds.

Arxell is an innovative drying system and it is unique. It addresses many of the inefficiencies of existing drying methods. Because it is relatively new to the market, Arxell is still establishing itself within the industry.

As insurers become more aware of the benefits of Arxell, we believe they will actively seek out companies that can offer this system.

If you are interested in finding out more information, we would be happy to explain in further detail the benefits of using Arxell systems. We can also provide a demonstration of Arxell in action so you can see for yourself just how effective it is. Get in touch with our friendly team to find out more.