About Arxell

Arxell Drying Systems is a UK based company specialising in providing effective drying solutions.

Born out of frustration with inefficient drying methods, the Arxell Drying System was created to speed up the drying process.

This simple technology has numerous benefits that greatly improve drying methods across different industries. Not only does it save valuable time, it is eco-friendly, durable and extremely cost effective.

For Flood Restoration

The Arxell Drying System significantly reduces costs associated with structural drying. Commercial drying companies can dry more properties, insurance companies save money and people can return to their homes quicker meaning everybody benefits.

For Construction Drying

Arxell Drying Systems create micro-climates which can be controlled to dry areas evenly and at the optimum temperature. Projects are no longer delayed by slow drying walls, ceilings or floors. Arxell units create a load-bearing surface above or around the drying area allowing other works to continue whilst drying takes place.

For Hire and Reseller Companies

Drying companies using Arxell Drying Systems offer faster drying solutions than competitors. Reducing drying time not only means winning more business it also means that more work can be accepted. Arxell Drying Systems are built to last so provide significant return on investment.

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